Here you will find documentation on all the descriptions that Cinema 4D currently has. You can list them Alphabetically, by Type or Plugin . The sample Python and C++ code is automatically generated and in some cases may not be 100% correct. If something doesn't work then please refer to the official Cinema 4D SDK documentation for more information.

Element Information

Sample Code

Example code for the id GV_MATERIAL_EXCLUDE_ID in GVmaterial

Note that this is not the actual code from the GVmaterial file.

This code is just an example to show you how to add a similar control to your own description.

Resource File Code (GVmaterial.res)

NUM_FLAGS  0;  INIT_STATE  0;  IMAGE_01_ON  1009316;  IMAGE_01_OFF  1009320;  }

Header File Code (GVmaterial.h)

#ifndef GVMATERIAL_H__
#define GVMATERIAL_H__
  GV_MATERIAL_EXCLUDE_ID = 1000,  //First ID should start at 1000
#endif	// GVMATERIAL_H__

String File Code (GVmaterial.str)

// C4D-StringResource
// Identifier	Text