Sculpt Projection Brush

A new Sculpting Brush has been added that lets you project your sculpt object onto another object in your scene. By adding a Sculpt Collider Tag to any object, you can use that object, with the brush, to project your detail onto. This allows you, as an example, to place a sphere where the eye of a character would be and then project the sculpting onto the sphere to create its shape for the eye.

Full documentation can be found here.

Step 1: Add a sculpt collider tag

  • Add a Sculpt Collider Tag to the objects you want to project your sculpting onto.
  • Position the object at the location you require it in your Sculpt Object

Step 2: Sculpt onto your model

  • Select the Sculpt Projection Brush
  • Start Sculpting onto your sculpt object.
  • As you sculpt, the geometry will be projected onto the objects that have a Sculpt Collider Tag applied to them.

Duplicate Sculpt Layer

Also included is a command called Duplicate Sculpt Layer, available from the Plugins 4D menu.

When you have a sculpt layer selected, and you run this command, it will duplicate the currently selected sculpt layer.