aaOcean is an ocean simulation system based on Tessendorf waves

This is a GPL licensed open source project, originally created by Amaan Akram.

Was first ported to C4D by Niklas Rosenstein, now updated by us here to keep it alive for R20 onwards.

Available for OSX and Windows for R20, R21, S22, R23, S24, R25, S26 and 2023.

You can get the source code here

Some example scene files here

Original aaOcean Suite documentation by Amaan Akram

Additional documentation by Mike Abbott and can be found here

Mikes documentation has also been included in our system, which can be found here.

Render by Serge Mustu


After installing you will find aaOcean under the plugins menu if you have R20, or under the extensions menu in R21 upwards.



Deformer and Shader

The plugin consists of a Deformer and a Shader

Example Renders by Serge Mustu

I used Octane here and altered the water shader from Kevin Gautraud for my needs.

What I can say for now is: its a play between "Ocean Scale", "Velocity" and "Wave Hight".

Also, if you alter the Wind parameters, the waves changes as well. Its quite tricky!

Get the example scene files here

Videos created by Amaan Akram

Note that these videos were NOT created in Cinema 4D, they were using the original plugin in Softimage ICE or Maya.

Similar rendering style should be able to be acheived in Cinema 4D using this plugin.

When we have any renders done using aaOcean for C4D we will replace these here and include the sample scene files.