Moana Island Viewer

This plugin is available for Cinema 4D R20 to R25.

It will allow you to load in and view parts of the Moana Island Scene from Disney Animation, into Cinema 4D.

This plugin is a work in progress. It is highly experimental.

It makes use of the new Multi-Instancing features to display millions of polygons in your viewport and for rendering.

The data set is huge and it is not advised to try to load in everything, but if you can do so we would love to see a screen shot.

Keep in mind that this is a beta. The world is flipped along the x-axis currently I believe. Some objects may not have the correct orientation. And there are probably other bugs I haven’t yet found. This is experimental and rather than keep it hidden away in house I decided to just share it with everyone.

This plugin does not come with any support and there is no guarantee of any updates.

Installing and Using

  1. To use this plugin you must first download the Moana Island Scene files from Disney Animation.
  2. You will need to download the “BASE” package and unzip this to a folder on your computer.
  3. Note that this is A LOT of data at 93 GB when unpacked.
  4. After installing the plugin you will need to set the folder path for the moana files.
  5. Under Edit->Preferences you will see an entry for “Moana Island Scene”. Click on this and enter in the location of the “Island” folder that is located in the folder where you downloaded the Moana Island Scene files to. The Island folder will contain folders called “json” and “obj”, among others.
  6. Next from the Plugins menu select “Moana Island Viewer”.
  7. Expand the Elements tab and find isMountainA. Click on the checkbox next to isMountainA to load it in.
  8. Now expand isMountainA and then Instanced Primitives, and click on the checkbox next to xgCocoPalms. This will load in some palm trees onto the mountain.
  9. Feel free to click on other items, expand them and click on the Instanced Primities.
  10. But be warned!!! Some of these OBJ files are absolutely HUGE.
  11. Do NOT click on isIronwoodA1 or isIronwoodB, otherwise you might be in for a long wait. You have been warned.