Projection Painting

Using the features from the Vector Graphics system you can project detail down onto your models.

This is an alternative system to the built-in Cinema 4D tools. This lets you project paint by moving an image around screen and painting down onto your model, using an overlay approach similar to the sculpting workflow.

Using a Canvas you can position and either paint with a brush, or fully project, the texture onto your models.

You can also draw vector graphics directly onto the 3D viewport canvas using any of the vector tools, then project them down onto your model.

Full documentation can be found here.


From a Canvas Objects viewport tab you can choose to display it directly in the viewport. Using the Simple Paint Brush you can then project the image directly onto any polygonal object.

  • Select a Polygonal Object

  • Open the Material View

  • The view will show all the materials for this object. If you don't have any them click Create Single Material to quickly add a material and Color Channel for painting.

  • Right Click on any of the materials in the Material View and select Paint All.

  • This will setup the materials so they are ready for painting.

  • Select the Paint Brush Standard tool.

  • Paint over the top of the Vector Image in the viewport to project paint down directly onto your model.

  • Alternatively if you wish to project the entire image then press the "Project Image" button found on the '4D Paint Split' Layout. This will project the entire image down onto your model.

  • When the image is being displayed in the Viewport you can also use all the drawing tools to draw directly onto the canvas from the Viewport itself. Allowing you to draw shapes and project in a quick workflow.

  • Octane Support for updating the Live View when painting.