A GPU accelerated Ambient Occlusion baking system to quickly create Vertex Maps for use in your scenes and within the VR Viewer.

Also contains a CPU based method if your graphics card is not capable. Based on CUDA the baking system will bake every polygonal object in your scene and create vertex maps to use for AO.

Full documentation can be found here.


You can quickly create Ambient Occlusion vertex maps for all your polygonal objects in your scene by selecting "Bake AO" from the Plugins 4D->Baker Menu.

GPU Accelerated using CUDA on Nvidia Graphics cards.

  • Ensure all your objects you want to create a vertex map for are editable polygonal meshes.
  • Ensure you have nothing selected in your scene (or select all the objects you want included in the calculation).
  • Select Bake AO from the Plugins 4D->Baker Menu.
  • When finished all the Vertex Maps will be selected in your scene to show the results of the baking.
  • If you own the VR Viewer plugin then when you next run the viewer all these baked vertex maps will be used to provide Ambient Occlusion in the VR Viewer.